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This is the Cause of My Blog Bounce Rate Dropping

As I wrote earlier, I still have a debt to explain what could cause my blog's bounce rate to suddenly become 0.99%. After interspersed with one guest blogger writing, it was time for me to have time to write my own. Come on, let's see…

Like the screenshot above, there is still no change in my bounce rate until January 13 [when I made it], it's still around 1%. It's never gone up drastically again to 70% like before. That means, the changes I made on my blog succeeded in making visitors open [at least] 1 more page while reading my writing.

Only one thing I did, so I'm sure that's the cause: Replacing Recent Posts with Popular Posts in the blog sidebar. Ciyus?


Then, I was moved to duplicate my success on my other blog, to make sure that Popular Post would succeed in making the blog's bounce rate go down.

It failed.

My baby blog bounce rate remains high, 76%.

Even though the sidebar has been made as close as possible to my blog, which has a 1% bounce rate. In fact, the baby blog sidebar is simpler because there are only 1 ads.

This means that the use of Popular Post in the sidebar does not always succeed in reducing the bounce rate to a small number. Then, I thought, maybe it was a matter of choosing a theme that contributed to lowering my blog's bounce rate. Obviously there are big differences between my two blogs, although both have specific themes, one about babies and the other about tourism.

For the time being, my conclusion is that information seekers on tourist attractions will be interested in other tourist objects that are read by many people (popular posts) even though they are not needed, while housewives who stray to my baby blog when looking for information, are less interested in other baby problems ( which is not needed) while reading even though it is offered with the title of another article that is widely read.

Here I quote again Mas Okto's comment in a previous article about his experience with the bounce rate of his blog:

1. The way we attract visitors to the blog can have an effect. If visitors who come through search engines will usually feel at home for long, different from visitors who are referrals (from blog commenting)

2. Depends on the topic of the blog. If visitors feel at home for long, it means that the topics offered are according to their needs

3. Number of articles. The greater the number of articles, the greater the possibility that visitors will feel at home for long because there are many choices of articles to read

. 4. Title. The more interesting the title, the more curious visitors are to read

5. Other aspects, such as the popularity of the blog (including the number of shares of each article, fanpage, followers, etc.) can affect the psychology of visitors to decide whether to linger on a blog or not.

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