6 Ways To Optimize Your Blog On Search Engines

 On-Site Optimization: Make Your Blog Attractive to Search Engines_

As we all know that traffic to our blogs mainly comes from major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. But just submitting blog's URL to Search Engines doesn't mean that they will bring you the traffic to your blog. So what you need is an On-Site optimization so that your blog becomes attractive to Search Engines.


Thinking "What is On-Site Optimization?"

On-Site optimization of your blog depends on many factors that you must emphasize on. I will try to cover some of the factors.

1. Understanding Keywords

Do you know the niche you are blogging about? If yes, then it’s easy and if no then find your niche. Under your niche find few keywords and phrases that you think that it’s describes your blog or site and people searching for it may eventually find it in Google, Yahoo or Bing. Your keywords must consist of about 3-5% of your blog's pages to make it attractive to Search Engines.

Now, put these keywords as title, as heading for your blog posts.
It’s good if keywords are less than 3%.
It’s good to not to use popular keywords that describes your blog because big websites are already optimized by these popular keywords. Try simple keywords that people are finding in Google Yahoo or bing.

2. Optimize your Blogger or blog template

  • Here are some of the tips
  • Minimize HTTP Requests
  • Put Stylesheets at the Top
  • Put Scripts at the Bottom
  • Avoid CSS Expressions
  • Reduce DNS Lookups
  • Minimizing JavaScript and CSS
  • Avoid Redirects
  • No 404s
  • Reduce the Number of DOM Elements
  • Optimize Images
  • Latter I will describe about optimizing your blog so better subscribe

3. Use Interesting and unique Keyword Reset

Good at writing or not, try to write some unique articles. Submit your articles to article directories with your blog URL so that traffic comes in. This will not only help to get good traffic but will also keep visitors coming back for more. This will not only make your blog attractive to search engine bots but will also attract unique visitors.

4. Try some Giveaways

Give your visitors the free things, like templates, gadgets. You can create your own templates or can download from some other sources (off-course mentioning the source from where you have downloaded it). You can also create widgets for a free distribution. One of the sites that you can visit is Widgetbox.

5. Creating Sitemap

It is very important to create a sitemap for your blog and submit the sitemap to Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. You can find lots of free sitemap tools to create your sitemap and let Search Engines know when your site is getting updated.

For blogger, there are no sitemap tools, also you don’t need one. You got your sitemap in your “atom.xml” file. Your sitemap is “http://blog-name.blogspot.com/atom.xml” to make it attractive to search engines. More can be found: Submitting your Blog's Sitemap to Google Webmaster.

6. Subscription to Visitors

A great way for your visitors to return again is to create a RSS subscription button or by email newsletter. Simply don't Spam. If people like your articles and contents, they will sign up. Also have a twitter account (or a Facebook account) and let people follow you and know what you twitting about by placing a “Follow me on Twitter” button.

Strategy of Link Building

Google likes a site with 100 links all pointing to different sites or pages on your blog than a site with 500 links all redirecting to the homepage. So whenever you add a content or write an article which is related to any previous articles, then link it. This way you will attract the search engine bots more.

Creating back links is also a good SEO strategy. i.e. If you came across an article in Mr. X’s blog that you liked and wrote about it in your blog, then give credit to Mr. X by linking back to the original article. Also ask Mr. X if he also likes to link back to you.

So you got an basic idea on On-Site optimization. This way you will not only attract the search engine bots, but also will attract new and unique visitors.

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