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Create Facebook Status With Emoticons GIF File Without Application


It's very interesting if we can create a facebook status using a gif file. Because this gif file can move and of course it can also move on the facebook wall or facebook friends wall.

Well, since not many people use Facebook status in this way, it will certainly be very interesting to learn. The method is very easy, it doesn't require software or supporting applications on Facebook.

All it takes is a favorite browser like Mozilla firefox .. hahha that's all ..???? yes that's right.

Alright. Since we don't need software or applications, it's a good idea to just go straight to the process.

Open your favorite browser and login to your respective facebook heheh

Pay attention to the script below{%22media%




Copy the code above to the address bar (Usually to write the address http://www.address.cum) Facebook buddy

After pasting it in the addresbar, just press enter, it will appear to be published

The red text can be replaced with the address of your favorite Gif image, friends, all of you

Done----it's really easy

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