16 ways to write SEO articles

16 On Page Optimization Checklist So finally we are here in on page SEO checklist. Then you finally able to rank high on search results.


16 list of how to write seo articles_

Everyone wants their content to rank high in search results. But when they don't get ranked, they get frustrated. Now let's try to find out what mistakes they made. In on-page SEO, you have tons of page optimization checklists that you don't even know about and don't want to implement in your copy. 

In my opinion, if a person uses proper page optimization then he has done 60% of his SEO work. So why don't you use a page optimization checklist?

On Page Optimization Checklist 01

You can’t leave this step. In SEO, anything can happen at any time. These days SEO made so difficult. And if make it more complex, then you have made a big mistake. Both on page optimization and off page optimization is very important to get a good serp position in search results. So there is no chance to neglect this on page optimization checklist.

16 On Page Optimization Checklist

So finally we are here in on page SEO checklist.  Then you finally able to rank high on search results.

1. Catchy Headlines

Write catchy headlines for your content. You know when someone search for your content, then Google more likely to place the content that have catchy headlines, detail explanation, matching with the search queries. With this you can increase your traffic. That is one of the most important on page optimization checklist in search engine optimization.

2. Title Tag

Title tag and headlines are the same thing in SEO. Do you have the primary keyword in your title tag? Keyword in the title tag is one of the best on page optimization checklist. Because the title tag describes the search engine what the article about us? Try to use your keyword very cleverly. Don’t practice this habit excessively.

3. Title Tag In The Beginning

Try to put your keyword in the title tag beginning. Google takes it as the most important ranking factors. You can also place your keyword in the middle or last but placing your keyword in the beginning will give you some extra value in on page optimization checklist.

4. Keyword In URL

Keyword in the post URL is very important on page optimization checklist. Put your keyword in the post URL. You can use category and date in your permalink. For my website, I just like to put the headlines in shortly. Make you suffix short. Don’t try to make it long. Long suffix looks very ugly.

On Page Optimization Checklist 02

5. Express Your Thoughts Shortly

From the beginning of your copy, try to express what the content about is and add your keyword.  But what we do? Several times we don’t write a Meta description for the post. At this time as an on page optimization checklist, Google serve the first paragraph as a Meta description.

6. Keyword Density

I don’t believe in keyword density. We have lots of discussion on keyword density. That totally depends on your mind. Many people think that, 2-4% density is the best. But don’t do keyword stuffing.

7. Use bold and italic form to indicate your keyword

After the keyword in the first paragraph, Google calculates how many times you have used your keyword in bold and italic format. This practice is already used by many successful marketer and they recommend it as an on page optimization checklist.

8. ALT Tag

That is very important on page SEO checklist. You must add your keyword in your ALT tag. Give a description of your image. You know, Google doesn’t have the ability to read your image. They will determine your image by this ALT tag on page optimization checklist.

9. Keyword in H1-H6 Tag

That is very important on page optimization checklist. You must add your keyword in this tag. In my post, I try to add my keyword in this tag and you can use H2,H3,H4 tag to properly optimize your copy. Do whatever you want to do but don’t forget to use this tag in your copy and don’t hesitate to use this on page SEO checklist.

10. Lengthy content

Always try to write detailed content on your copy. Google likes the detailed content. When someone found everything on this topic in a one place then they will more like to share your content with others. Also if your content is interesting and lengthy, then you will get high rank on the basis of on page optimization checklist. See More: 15 Advanced SEO Content Writing Tips for Everyone

11. Hyperlinking

You already familiar with hyperlinks. You can create links from your copy. You can link to your content, can link to other external website or high authority website. Make the link relevant and don’t give do follow link to others. They will pass some link juice from you.

12. Meta description

Meta description is the summary of the content. Google uses this summary to understand your copy. Don’t forget to write this Meta description. That is the same important like others on page optimization checklist. Keep your description 160 characters long and if you make it longer, then Google will show only first 160 characters.

13. Interlinking

Always try to link your old content and internal posts. This will help you to increase your website’s page views. Also they will get good links. They will get good strength to rank. So don’t forget to interlink your post.

14. Relevant Image and Video

Use relevant image in your post. You know an image can describe thousand words. So use this. Don’t copy from others. Create your own image and add stuff in your downloaded image to make it more interesting in on page SEO checklist.

15. Rich Snippet

You can add a star in your product review or in post. It will also help you to gain good rank in serp. Also your description will look good in search results. People will like to click your post.

16. Well Format & Presentation

Format your content and represent your content very nicely. People will more attract to read your content and bookmark for further references.

At last I want to know what you have learnt from the above on page optimization checklist. This on page optimization checklist is built to confess what you have done in your on page optimization.

Let me know what you have done in your on page SEO to rank your content high in search engine. If you found this post useful then don’t forget to share and leave your feedbacks by the comment.

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